Mr. Cory



	Mr. Cory is one of the Eisenhower Ninth Grade School English instructors. He is originally from Lima Ohio where he graduated from Lima Shawnee High with his high school diploma. He moved to Dayton Ohio where he obtained his Bachelor's degree from THE Central State University. After living in Dayton, he moved to Atlanta Georgia where he completed educational work and then also attended Concordia University where he obtained both of his Master's degrees; one being in Curriculum and Instruction and the other being in Educational Technology. He is currently planning to continue his education towards his Doctorate.
Along with the ELA core class, Mr. Cory will also be in charge of the Media Analytics club where students will have the access to view various different types of media including movies, television shows, music and written content in terms of analyzing the various types of media in alignment with the nature of the course work in the ELA course. Students will use the media avenues to locate and analyze literary devices and other content material via media. 
Mr. Cory has also teamed up with some other prestigious educators of Ike 9 to bring for an organization that is geared towards the development of the growing young men here at Ike 9. The organization is called the Distinguished Gentlemen. This organization will be available and students will be held to high standards to be affiliated. This group will also serve as an avenue to propel students towards other organizations of betterment for the purposes of their life's betterment. A new preventive plan committee (Drop Out Committee) has been established, which Mr. Cory is part of providing attention to those students who are distributing behaviors of extended loss of instructional time or thinking about dropping out. This committee purposes to provide supports to those students to help them hopefully understand the art of perseverance and the necessity of their education.