Fine Arts  
Students may choose amongst Art, Band, Choir, Communication Applications, Dance, Debate, Drill, Music Theory and Theater Arts. Each of these programs has extensions into extracurricular involvements, should the student choose it.

Language B  
Students have the choice of Spanish and French on our campus. We offer a variety of levels of these courses of study, including a native speaker class for Spanish and a Spanish V Advanced Placement course. We also provide services for English-language learners.

Physical Education  
Students at Ike 9 have the opportunity to participate in the following U.I.L. sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Football, Track, Tennis, Swimming, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, and Softball. Students not wishing to pursue competitive athletics may join Army JROTC or take Team Sports or Foundations of Fitness.

Students are exposed to the Technology design cycle in a variety of technology-based courses. They also complete their four-year high school plans within their technology courses, and have the opportunity to explore various colleges and careers.

Special Education  
Students qualifying for special education are serviced according to their Individual Education Plans. They are provided with co-teachers in Regular classes and have a variety of resources allocated for their use, in order to ensure Adequate Yearly Progress.