Syllabus (1)

World Geography Syllabus

2015-16 School Year


-3 Ring, 1’ or  1.5 inch binder and loose leaf paper. -Color pencils (set of 12 or 24)

-Pens (black and blue only)  -Pencil sharpener


  • Enter the room quietly, on time, in dress code with I.D on and begin- warm-up activity.  

  • Come to class prepared. Bring materials listed above and be ready to participate.

  • Listen and follow directions, complete assignments by the due date.

  • Respect yourself, others and their property.

  • Leave combs, brushes and makeup and mirrors in bags. DO NOT USE THEM IN CLASS.

  • Use electronic devices for educational purposes and at permitted times.

If you follow these guidelines you will be successful in this classroom, if you fail to adhere to these rules, there will be consequences, beginning with a verbal warning. If the negative behavior continues, there will be a student conference and conference call with the student’s parent/guardian. The next step would be a parent conference and referral to AP.

Attendance: Attendance is very important to the educational process. Make sure you are present. If you miss a day, make sure you have a valid excuse present upon your return.


Every child is capable of earning an “A”. At the end of the day, the ball is in your court; come to class prepared to learn and participate as much as possible. If there is something you’re struggling with, ask for help and attend after school tutorials. World Geography tutorials are held on Thursdays from 2:45 - 5:00pm. Every student is required to maintain a “C” average or attend tutorials.


From time to time I will have extra credit assignments available. Extra credit will not take place for a student who has failed to turn in assignments. The purpose of extra credit is to help students who have done all the work, and still need help with their grade.


Intro to Geography: Tools of Geography

Intro to Physical Geography

Intro to Cultural (Human) Geography

Regional Studies begin

Europe/ Russia

Southwest Asia & North Africa (The Middle East)

Sub-Saharan Africa

The United States and Canada (English-speaking North America)

Latin America (Central and South America)

South Asia (The indian Subcontinent)

East Asia

Southeast Asia

Australia, Oceania and Antarctica.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: World Geography deals with the earth and how people interact with their environment. The course offers an understanding of the way people live in particular places and why they live as they do. Exploration of the physical and cultural features of the earth. Change is a central theme in World Geography, whether it be in regards to the earth's resources, cultures, the land, political boundaries, economic growth and technology. The concepts will be explored within regions. Current events will be strongly emphasized.


Dear Parent or Guardian:

Welcome to Eisenhower Ninth Grade School. This year your son or daughter will study the world in which we live, through the lens of the discipline of geography. I hope you will look over this syllabus and letter with your daughter or son. This statement describes what the student can expect from the course and my expectations.

To keep you notified of your child’s progress, Aldine has a online system “Parent Connect” by which you can access your child’s grades and assignments online. We also send home progress reports every three weeks. Please look over these reports, sign them and have your son or daughter return them to me. These progress reports will count as a grade and a parent contact. During the school year, I will also upload materials and assignments students can access online through the school website and Google Classroom. If you need to contact me please feel free to email me at