Concert Band

Mr. Adamson


  • Practice.

  • Be present and ready, on time, every day.

  • Have your band binder, music, instrument, and pencil at your seat every day.

  • Mark your music.

  • Maintain your instrument. Oil valves before or after class. Have 4 reeds and rotate their use. Keep corks and slides clean and lubricated.

  • Rehearsal Etiquette matters.

  • Transition quickly. Keep conversations out of rehearsal.

  • ASK QUESTIONS!! If you do not ask questions, I expect a perfect performance.

  • If you are waiting to play, finger.

  • Attendance

    • You must be in your seat ready to begin by 1:20.

    • Tardy = not being in your seat at 1:20.

    • Too many absences = NO CREDIT (3 tardies =1 absence)


Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • Daily/Homework:

    • Class participation

    • Rehearsals (including Marching Band)

    • Solo & Ensemble Checkpoints

    • SmartMusic assignments

    • In class quizzes

    • Sight Reading

    • Anything we ask you to get signed and return

  • Major

    • Performances

    • Solo & Ensemble Final performance

    • SmartMusic Assignments

    • Sight Reading

Concert Attire:

Black button up shirt, Black Dress pants or slacks, Black Socks or pantyhose (girls), Black closed-toe shoes. NO DRESSES. NO Polos. NO Jeans. NO sneakers/tennis shoes.

* If you are not in the proper attire, you risk being sent home and receiving 0s for the performance!