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Absent Work All absent work can be picked up in class or accessed online through the website. If it isn't returned within a week the assignments will become zeros in the gradebook.
Calculators Calculators will be assigned for you to use in class. Use only the calculator assigned to you. 
Cell Phones Cell phones will not be out unless we are using them for an instructional purpose. If they are out they will be taken and turned in to the office.
Cheating Cheating will not be tolerated. Anyone caught cheating will be given a zero and need to re-do an alternate assignment at a later date.
Dress Code Students are expected to follow the school dress code at all times.
Homework Homework will be given out almost nightly. It will be posted on the website and i will remind you of it via Remind if you choose to sign up. Paper copies will be available upon request.
Make Up Tests (Retests) Make up tests can be taken during tutorials. Retests will be made available online via McGraw-Hill,. Paper copies available upon request.
Notebooks Students are required to bring their notebooks every day. Periodic notebook checks will take place.
Participation Participation is mandatory. Students will be given a participation major grade every nine weeks based on warm ups, class participation, and notebook checks. This is to help your grade and encourage you to be involved. Please do.
Pencils Pencils will always be available, but we run out when students take them from the class or remove erases from them. Be gentle with them and return them so we can make them last please.
SAC Students assigned to SAC will be responsible for keeping up with class. All assignments will be provided on paper or accessible via the computers in the SAC room.
Tardies Students are expected to be in class on time. If you are late, you will need to sign in by the door. If the problem continues I will follow the district's tardy policy as far as discipline goes.
Tutorials I will be available after school every Tuesday unless I say otherwise.